Masha Archer Blue Coptic Icon


Masha Archer Blue Coptic Icon

Eight Strand. 19 1/2 inch long pendant. Style collar of Royal Blue Hudson Bay trading beads (Also called White Hearts) graduated in size- made in Czechoslovakia since the 1500’s and used throughout the world for trade. Featuring a hinged nickel cutwork coptic cross that displays hand painted portraits of saints when opened from Ethiopia. Floral and spinal stamped roundelles of Khmer Silver with sterling flats and large sterling roundelles all from The Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand. Turquoise discs and baguettes from Russia and China. Finished with 24 Karat Gold plated bronze openwork rounds from The Baoule Tribes of Cameroon, using the lost wax technique of bronze casting (plating done in the U.S).


Plated furnishings and Two- Sisters clasp- USA. Coin: Fifty Kopek Brass 1992- Ukraine


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